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Much can go wrong when leasing or buying a manufacturing premise in China. Another company may secure the property before you close the deal. There are complex laws and regulations to navigate. Language barriers and misleading information can create confusion.

NAI Sofia Group Shanghai will help you avoid the pitfalls and secure the property you need on excellent terms.

Having assisted a wide range of manufacturers secure production space, our consultants are well-versed at handling the relevant tax, regulatory and technical issues, and can easily comprehend even the most complex space requirements you may have.

We are able to quickly pinpoint appropriate candidate properties in your target region using our comprehensive property database and wide contacts network that covers the Yangtze River Delta region and other areas of China.

If the property you intend to purchase has already been used, careful inspection of buildings and land is essential. Our team can identify problems with an initial inspection, then arrange for technical experts to provide further investigation and solutions if needed.

We can likewise handle the significant amount of government communications and administrative filings that an industrial property lease or purchase typically entails.

As a German-managed firm, NAI Sofia Group Shanghai has had the privilege of helping many manufacturers from Germany as well as other nations secure production space in China over the past 16 years.

When it comes to manufacturing real estate, and industrial property more generally, we are true China experts. We look forward to employing our capabilities in serving you.

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